Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles,

such as geographical distances or physical disabilities






A virtual school
for every student

With Pocket School imagine a learner attending school with no back pack, no pen but with a smart phone in their pocket. If it is in your pocket it is safe, and if it is in your pocket it is yours, within your reach anytime, anywhere. Finally you can learn on your terms. Taking full control of your study plan and assessments, learning at your pace in a private setting or public mode , the choice is yours. It is the ultimate convergence of communication technologies bringing life to lessons and engagement.  

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Technologies are blended here, techno savvy teachers, digital robots, high visuals, animated presentations of lessons, well prepared slides and alignment with reaching learners on their terms is about the Platform and Channel. After all we went to schools to listen, watch and hear the teacher. Content built to promote self-directed learning.  All you need to know is to extend your hand in the pocket and reach for the best teacher. All your Curriculum Aligned content according to Annual Teaching Plan covering Mathematics, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Geography and Natural Sciences.